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About Singapore Information Services Pte Ltd (INSIS)

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Yellow Pages Limited

INSIS strives to constantly help foreign and Singaporean companies create new business opportunities in the global marketplace. We strive to be the preferred bridge for business partners globally and to enhance the profile of Singaporean business communities internationally.

Founded in 1989, Singapore Information Services Pte Ltd (INSIS) was a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd until its acquisition by Global Yellow Pages Ltd in March 2009. INSIS plays a central role in helping Singapore-based enterprises reach out to the international business community through its various products, which span different geographical markets.

With five business-to-business (B2B) trade directories to promote Singapore products and services worldwide, INSIS is one of Singapore’s leading trade directory publishers. Targeted at international traders, these industry specific trade directories help promote the Singaporean business community to other parts of the world through overseas IE offices, Singapore embassies and major trade events in the island-state and abroad.

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