SIA-Rigel Bathroom Design Awards 2014

The SIA-Rigel Bathroom Design Awards were established to stimulate and encourage new ideas, innovations and development in the world of intelligent bathroom design. As a leader in green restroom design for over two decades, with groundbreaking solutions that have advanced clean comfort and luxury, Rigel has witnessed remarkable growth in the sector, and sees the potential for far more. Our aim is to foster greater effort and commitment to the advance of sanitary technology and design.


  1. To promote and recognise excellence in bathroom design
  2. To encourage innovation and creativity in the use of bathroom materials, equipment, facilities and technology in designing a wellness environment in the bathroom
  3. To encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly bathroom design
There are three (3) categories for this award:

Category A: Completed Projects

A1) Completed Commercial Projects by Professionals

A2) Completed Hotel and Residential Projects by Professionals

Category B: Hypothetical Projects

B1) Hypothetical Projects by Students Only

Judging Criteria

The main criteria for judging are:
  1. Conceptual quality
  2. Creativity and innovation
  3. Use of materials and technology
  4. Environmental sustainability
  5. Architectural design merit
  6. Holistic approach (include usability and accessibility)
  7. Quality of workmanship

The awards is looking for design excellence, with innovative solutions for the bathroom, incorporating environmentally friendly features and universal design principles, as well as the combined use of bathroom materials, equipment and facilities and technology to achieve the wellness and comfort of the user.

For the Hypothetical Category (Category B1), the award is looking for creativity of the proposals, which should not be constrained by the viability of the proposal but should endeavour to conceive the bathroom that could be built. The awards is also looking for new visions of the future bathroom.

Jury Composition

The jury for the Award will comprise the following:

  • Mr Theodore Chan, President of Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) (Chairperson)
  • Ms Chan Ai Lynne, Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore (REDAS)
  • Mr Hoong Bee Lok, Senior Director (Campus) of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • One Laureate of President’s Design Award (PDA)
  • One Representative from World Toilet Organization (WTO)

Facilitator / Moderator:

Mr Seah Chee Huang, Chairman of SIA Awards Committee

Category A: Completed Projects

1) Bay East Interim Park (BATHROOM DESIGN AWARD)

Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd

Client: Gardens by the Bay


The single-storey structure housing the Male and Female washrooms as well as a security counter boldly celebrates a much-needed amenity for visitors to the sprawling gardens. The glass roof with motifs of tree branches and foliage bring light into the entire wash room. A large expanse of the wall faces the external with generous landscaping providing good privacy and ventilation. The openness and airy feeling transform the wash room into a delightful space.

2) Gallery Shophouse at Marshall Road (Honourable Mention)

Architect: TAKE Architects

Client: Mr David Chua


The washroom at level 1 of the house was cleverly tucked into a corner of the dining room with a traditional ceramic vent on the external wall providing natural light and ventilation. The layout is neat and simple with a uniquely shaped stone wash hand basin as a talking piece. Mirrors on the wall and the door itself help to create a sense of space in this small compartment. Pastel shades and simple detailing make its use a pleasant experience.

Category B: Hypothetical Projects

1) CATER-PEE (Honourable Mention)

Student Designer: Ms Gloria Neo


The design of the Cater-Pee is an interesting concept for an outdoor toilet. Its organic form and colour is unique and appropriate for parks and open spaces. The designer has given much thought into the function, flow and privacy required of a toilet even though it is a basic amenity. As an academic exercise, this stretch of imagination is commendable and deserves recognition.

This feature is courtesy of the Singapore Institute of Architects.
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