The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Addictive manufacturing increases productivity for organisations and helps them stay competitive in their respective industries.

There are so many potential benefits that 3D printing can provide. Here are some of them, summarised in 5Cs:

1. Compression of Time

From conceptualisation to realisation, 3D printing is able to shorten the time it takes to bring your product to market – be it in the replacement of parts or coming up of a new product to introduce into the market. Traditionally, new idea prototypes would be sent to a specialised company to be produced which can take up to weeks to ship back. With 3D printing technology, this can be done within hours and in-house.

2. Cost of Error

Holding a physical 3D object in one’s hand enables the individual to discover possible product issues before it is sent into full production. Errors can then be resolved easily in a 3D software and subsequently printed out on a 3D printer. All these reduce potential costs of errors involved in full-scale production.

3. Confidentiality

With the highly competitive landscape evident in every industry, new product design may potentially be leaked out when companies start to outsource their design process. Having an in-house 3D printer eliminates this possibility, providing peace of mind that their product secrecy is kept at the maximum.

4. Creativity

When your own system is always available, the sky is the limit. With 3D printing technology, companies are able to bring ideas to reality with just a click of the button.

5. Communication

Having a tangible, physical product model can ensure better visualisation and discussion during meetings as compared to traditional 2D drawings. Better communication through the physical 3D object leads to increased productivity, which also enables conveying of ideas to potential clients in a more effective manner.

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