Marine Offshore Oil and Gas Association Singapore (MOOGAS)

MOOGAS members comprise of companies that develop specialist offshore systems and provide worldwide services and facilities for oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and conversion. MOOGAS affiliates from other non-related industries that provide benefits to its members are also welcomed into the society.


MOOGAS objectives were formulated to ensure mutual benefit to its members and affiliates. They are as follows:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and establishment of regional networking among members in the marine, offshore, oil and gas industry and its related fields.
  • Search and provide to members information on business opportunities in the offshore market from established contacts.
  • Make known and promote any employment opportunities in the marine and offshore markets to members.
  • Arrange for discussions and workshops on marine offshore advancements and the application of operational advancements to marine technology.
  • Advise on matters of professional importance relating to the marine and offshore industry such as education and training.
  • Affiliation, as the Management Committee thinks fit, with any body or organisation whether in Singapore or abroad whose interests and/or objectives are similar to those of the Society.

Membership Benefits
Giving You Recognition

  • Member Profile – Showcase yourself on the MOOGAS website
  • Manage your own membership record and preferences
  • Contribute – Take part in LinkedIn discussions and submit articles and papers

Belonging to Singapore’s Only Industry Association

  • Provides a gateway to marine and offshore companies within Southeast Asia
  • MOOGAS Standing Committee maintains user confidence by investigating complaints
  • Facilitate inter-cultural exchanges through our conferences, events, training courses and discussion groups
  • Lobbying and influencing work together with the Work Development Authority (WDA), Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA)
  • Media liaisons to raise the profile of MOOGAS and its members

Providing Professional Benefits (Coming Soon)

  • Dispute Appointment Service — Independent and appointment service
  • Find a “Dispute Resolver” service — Members who are trained in our MED/ARB training course and appointed to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) can highlight his/her credentials to anyone seeking a dispute resolver
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover for work undertaken in Singapore
  • “MOOGAS Advantage Scheme” provides savings on a range of courses and events

Providing Professional Support

  • Free advice on all aspects of the marine and offshore industry
  • Courses — Education for those seeking vocational training and mediation/arbitration training
  • MOOGAS alerter — Free subscription to news alerts
  • Regional and global networking opportunities
  • Meet like-minded professionals at the events organised by MOOGAS
  • New members welcome ceremony — Annual get together for newly appointed members
  • MOOGAS Dinner and Dance for members and their guests
  • Young members interest group — Dedicated activities and website for members under the age of 40

Keeping You Informed

  • Our website provides you with a dedicated members area
  • E-Newsletters provide quarterly updates on events and training
  • Social Media – Follow MOOGAS on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for regular updates

Among the valued services that MOOGAS offers are networking events for members and affiliates that will create business opportunities; and periodic e-mails that are sent out to members to inform them about the availability of projects in the industry.

Workshops and discussion sessions on marine and offshore as well as operational advancements in marine technology are also conducted from time to time.

MOOGAS provides advisory services relating to education and training that is relevant to the industry. In short, MOOGAS members enjoy a comprehensive set of services that would add value to their existing businesses.

The Institute for Professional Maritime Development and Training (IPMDT) is an affiliate set up by MOOGAS to further the pedagogical pursuit for members. This Institute provides training and courses in conjunction with some of the leading maritime institutions for education in Singapore.

Marine Offshore Oil and Gas Association Singapore (MOOGAS)
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