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The Global Company Partnership Programme is IE Singapore’s approach designed to help companies looking to expand their business overseas. With the programme’s assistance, these companies can take their businesses to the global level through devising appropriate strategies, assessing potential markets and growth opportunities, and understanding their organisations’ capabilities and gaps.

Consultants from the programme will then generate customised solutions for international growth through:

1) Capability Building;
2) Market Access;
3) Manpower Development; and
4) Access to Financing

Assistance rendered differs across the board. The appropriate clinics, seminars and third-party consultants will be recommended based on each organisation’s level of readiness. This is where the GCP Process comes into the picture.

The GCP Process

Capability Building
Breaking into new markets is no easy task, but conceivable with the right business capabilities. IE Singapore can play a part in helping companies take their businesses to the global platform. To help companies gain and maintain strong footholds in the highly competitive global landscape, IE Singapore has adopted programmes and initiatives to help companies build and enhance essential firm-level competencies. These include the following areas:

Competencies to Strengthen

How Can This Help Your Company?


The ability to stand out and differentiate your brand will enable you to command greater premiums and, eventually, greater revenue.


A good design can set companies apart from their competitors. Not only that, it can build brand loyalty and motivate behaviour change.

Internationalisation Strategy

A strong internationalisation strategy guides the development of your company’s business model and provides a strong foundation for overseas expansion.

For example, doing market analyses can help identify market opportunities and target key customer segments, which will eventually lead to a stronger position in the industry.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Every company owns some form of IP, and having an understanding of IP is crucial to ensure the safety of businesses. Through the GCP Programme, companies will learn to manage and safeguard their intellectual assets. 


Understanding financial instruments and elements of proper financing can help companies keep their businesses healthy and financially secure.

Supply Chain Management

A good supply chain management system plays a crucial role in facilitating operational efficiency, which will in turn lead to increased customer satisfaction and resilience during crisis situations.


In the increasingly globalised business landscape where technology is the most widely used form of interaction, eCommerce bears the potential for a lucrative revenue stream. 

Market Access
The GCP Programme has ties with more than 35 Overseas Centres, and their centre directors can help companies build connections with the right partners and also give insights on how to assimilate to the foreign countries’ business cultures and potential sensitivities.

What the GCP Programme offers

How Can This Help Your Company?

Strong Market Familiarity

IE Singapore has a firm grasp on the market, and is able to provide first-hand insights into global business trends and government and industry connections.

Lower Business Costs

With a good selection of financial support, companies are better equipped with the financial resources to make their foray into the overseas market.

Companies can also enjoy 200% more tax deduction on eligible expenses when carrying out qualifying market expansion and investment development activities.

Build Connections to Governments and Business Leaders

IE Singapore organises high-level forums to give companies a platform to connect with representatives from governments around the world and also businesses from emerging markets.

Create Opportunities for International Business Projects

IE Singapore has more than 20 platform projects around the world, and will open their doors to companies with opportunities offered by established international organisations such as the Asian Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Manpower Development
Manpower is the building block of every successful organisation, and companies looking to expand overseas may encounter HR obstacles like talent acquisition, labour challenges and understanding foreign laws and regulations. The GCP Programme offers assistance in terms of Talent Attraction, Talent Development and International Human Resource Strategies to help businesses strengthen their foundations in the global market.

Assistance offered through the GCP Programme

How Can the GCP Programme Help?

Talent Attraction

The GCP programme provides companies with a steady supply of talent through university internships, scholarships and international sourcing of mature talent.

Talent Development

After talent acquisition, the next step would be talent development. The GCP Programme can help companies develop their key talents through market immersion activities and developing customised training programmes. By doing so, companies will be able to fill in the key skill gaps that will strengthen the organisation.

International Human Resource Strategies

The GCP Programme can play a role in helping companies avoid common international pitfalls. Through this programme, Human Resource personnel can develop and refine the organisations’ HR strategies with the help of third-party consultants.

Access to Financing
Another building block of successful organisations is access to capital. Companies will need a vast amount of financial resources to be able to build their businesses overseas, and the GCP Programme can help them obtain capital from participating financial institutions.

Assistance offered through the GCP Programme


Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS)

Companies may face more challenges with securing financing from banks because of the higher levels risk generally associated with overseas ventures. The IF scheme then helps these companies by co-sharing the default risks between IE Singapore and Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs).

Companies can tap on the IFS to access up to S$30 million in credit facilities to support their overseas expansion:

  • Asset-based financing to purchase fixed assets for use overseas, or to purchase/construct factories overseas
  • Structured loans to finance the working expenses of secured overseas projects
  • Banker’s guarantee for the issuance of guarantee facilities for secured overseas projects which can take the form of advance payment guarantee, performance guarantee or tender bond guarantee.

Political Insurance Scheme (PRIS)

This scheme helps to safeguard companies’ overseas investments and projects against political uncertainties.

The GCP Programme will co-fund up to 50% of the premium (capped at S$500,000) for each insurance policy.

Risks covered include:

  • Expropriation;
  • Currency inconvertibility and transfer restrictions;
  • Political violence;
  • Breach of contract by host government; and
  • Non-honouring of sovereign financial obligations

Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS/LIS+)

LIS helps companies to secure short-term trade financing lines from banks by insuring the banks against insolvency risks of the borrowers.

Under the LIS, the GCP Programme will co-fund up to 50% of insurance premiums.

The short-term trade financing lines include:

  • Inventory/stock financing facility;
  • Structured pre-delivery Working Capital;
  • Factoring/bill or invoice or accounts receivable discounting with recourse; and
  • Banker’s Guarantee for contractual fulfilment

Trade Credit Insurance Scheme (TCIS)

Trade credit insurance helps to protect companies against non-payment by their buyers, and this enhances their financial security when acquiring new customers.

The scheme covers risks like:

  • The insolvency and protracted default of end buyers

Under the TCIS, the GCP Programme will co-fund up to 50% (capped at S$100,000) of the insurance premium that companies incur while obtaining trade credit insurance policies.

Trade Facilitation Scheme (TFS)

The Trade Facilitation Scheme (TFS) aims to help address market gaps in trade financing for Singapore-based companies in emerging markets.

Under this scheme, IE Singapore enters a risk-sharing arrangement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to increase the capacity for credit guarantees to Singapore-based banks.

Companies will then be able to benefit from the increase in availability of trade finance when they enter new markets in search of growth opportunities.

International Enterprise Singapore
To find out more about the Global Company Partnership (GCP) scheme, contact IE Singapore’s Customer Service Centre at 1800-IESPORE (1800-437 7673) or +65 6337 6628, or visit their iAdvisory Centre located at Level 10, Bugis Junction Office Tower, 230 Victoria Street, 188024.

Opening hours are from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. For further assistance, you may submit an online enquiry here.

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